Florjat 10

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Each ml contains- Florfenicol 100 mg

Prevention and treatment of various respiratory, gastrointestinal and soft tissue infections, particularly Complicated chronic respiratory disease (CCRD), Fowl typhoid (Salmonella sp.), Pullorum disease (S. gallinarum, S. pullorum), Paratyphoid infection (S. entertidis, S. typhimurium), Colibacillosis (Escherichia coli), Fowl cholera (Pasteurella multocida), Infectious synovitis,Omphalitis and Bumble foot (Staphylococcus aureus).

Recommended Usage:
Poultry and Turkeys: 1ml Florjat-10 per 1 liters of drinking water, once daily for 5- 7 days (30mg Florfenicol/ kg bw)

Withdrawal Time:
Meat: 4 days

500ml, 1liter and 5 liters