Natural boost for best performance in poultry production


○ Improves digestibility and FCR

○ Supports intestinal health

○ Increases stress tolerance

○ Reduces GHG emissions



BIOSTRONG® is a phytogenic product line for best performance in poultry production. Upon its launch in 2000, it was the first phytogenic product range specifically developed for poultry. The innovative formulation is based on in-depth knowledge, broad experience and extensive research.

Profitable poultry production means obtaining the best return on investment and at this, especially feed conversion plays a key role. Achieving best results in daily gain or laying rate while keeping feed costs low is the equation perfectly solved by BIOSTRONG® 510.

Improved feed efficiency reduces production costs and increases profitability. BIOSTRONG® 510 is designed to deliver best performance in poultry production by improving feed efficiency and thus, leading to increased weight gain and enhanced egg production. At the same time, our phytogenic feed additives ensure a safe and sustainable production without residues in meat and eggs.


Naturally increasing the performance of all avian species

BIOSTRONG® 510 is an all-natural product, fully using synergistic effects of different groups of active substances. The phytogenic formulation consists of carefully selected essential oils and other plant extracts, which are perfectly aligned to the needs of avian species.

Whether you want to increase the performance of broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks or quail – our phytogenic product is the ideal solution, proven and tested thoroughly in order to deliver best results.

Moreover, Delacon is proud to provide BIOSTRONG® 510 OFC, which is certified by Austria Bio Garantie. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


Product benefits

• Increases nutrient digestibility

• Improves feed conversion ratio

• Increases body weight and egg mass

• Enhances livability

• Supports intestinal health

• Reduces environmental emissions (NH3, CO2-eq)

• Supports the animals during challenging periods, e.g., heat stress


Product application

BIOSTRONG® 510 can be applied either “on-top” in the feed ration or with our PERFORMIZER® concept, applying nutritional matrix values for BIOSTRONG®    510 in least cost formulation in order to reduce the feed price.

General dosage recommendation:

Min. 150 g/MT of compound feed during the whole production period