Each liter contains- Iodophore (available iodine 3% w/v), Phosphoric Acid 200 gm, surfactants and detergents qs

Sanodine is a broad- spectrum virucide, fungicide and bactericide, recommended for general disinfection and water sanitization in livestock and poultry farms.

Recommended Usage:
Pre-clean the surface or water system with plain water. Following dilutions are recommended: – Surface disinfection- 1.5ml/liter water (1:600); Equipments- 1.25ml/liter water (1:800); Vehicles– 10ml/ liter water (1:100); Aerosol spray- 3ml/cubic mtr (1:25); Handwash- 1.25 ml/liter water (1:800); Wound dressing- 1.5ml/liter water (1:600); Drinking water – 0.25ml/liter water (1:4000)

1 liter, 5 liters & 20 liters