An alkaline combination of anionic and non- ionic amphoteric surfactants, foam boosters and sequesterants, with a pleasant citrus deodorant.

Preliminary removal of biofilm, and organic matter such as droppings, dung, blood, milk, dried egg contents, any refuse and caked feed or litter. In a regular disinfection program, it should be followed by the application of a broad- spectrum disinfectant. Primeclean effectively removes protein and lipid residues from all the slaughter house and milking equipment that may contaminate processed foodstuff.

Recommended Usage:
Spraying- 0.5-1% solution (1:100 to 1:200; 65oC), to be sprayed at the rate of 500ml per m2, using a low pressure lance. Foaming- 2- 4% (1:25 to 1:50) solution, applied at the rate of 250ml per m2 by foam lance. Rinse with clean water. Contact time: 20 minutes

5 liters & 20 liters