HemoForte Plus

Pulmonary Support for Horses

Pulmonary support for horses. Supporting capillary function for horses in hard training, under stress and racing

Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids, such as Citrus sinensis, are vitamin-like compounds. The term refers to many different compounds e.g. hesperidin and rutin. They are not manufactured in the body so must be supplied from dietary sources. The function of Bioflavonoids is to increase capillary strength and regulate their permeability. They act to help Ascorbic Acid to maintain collagen – the ‘cement’ between cells, in a healthy condition. Bioflavonoids enhance the action of Vitamin C and help reduce its oxidation. There is great advantage in feeding both together as in HemoForte.

Vitamin K3: This form of vitamin K has shown them to be extremely beneficial to overall animal health. The primary role of Vitamin K is to facilitate blood clotting. Thus in a situation where a minor rupture occurs in a blood capillary having a plentiful supply of Vitamin K can allow the animal’s system to respond quickly. A further reason for the addition of Vitamin K is to combat any situations where a Vitamin K antagonist may be present. Such situations can occur on hays and pastures containing certain types of forages. Also occasionally low levels of mould are encountered. Certain moulds can produce Vitamin K antagonists.

Ascorbic Acid acts as a powerful antioxidant and thus helps protect cells from degradation. In conjunction with Bioflavonoids they act to maintain capillary strength.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 60ml the morning of the race /competition.

60ml may also be fed the night before a race.

Training: First 30ml daily, in the morning.