Chlor Block 20gm

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In every 20 grams of dark blue colored CHLOR BLOCK tablets:
Name of the Active Ingredient Amount
Sodium Thiosulfate %7,5 (w/w)
Colorant %92,5 (w/w)
CHLOR BLOCK effervescent tablet dissolves in the potable water quickly in 20 0C. The active chlorine in the water is reduced quickly due to sodium thiosulfate, which is the active ingredient, and the other buffer ingredients. In the meantime, the pH value is balanced at the optimal level. It changes the color of the water to the blue when added to the water. This color does not affect the consuming of the water. It colors the animal’s crop and tongue in blue for 1-2 hours.
• It protects the vaccine from the chlorine in the water.
• It is used in the monitoring of water which is added vaccine in the potable water system.
• It is used as an indicator for the direct control to the animals about drinking the vaccinated water.
Details of the study; Used 100 chicks in each group. Groups are made as below.
1. Group: 10 ppm chlorine + CHLOR BLOCK
2. Group: 5 ppm chlorine + CHLOR BLOCK
3. Group: 5 ppm chlorine
4. Group: Distilled water
Chicks were vaccinated with ND potable water vaccine in 12th and in 16th days. In slaughtering, taken 20 blood from each group. It was made the hemagglutination test for determining the antibody titers. The HI antibody titers are given down below for each group.
1.Group: 7.2
2.Group: 7.5
3.Group: 6.6
4.Group: 7.4

1. Add 1 tablet CHLOR BLOCK in every 100 lt water.
2. Wait 10 minutes for completing the chlorine neutralization and then stir with a plastic mixer.
3. The vaccine package is opened under the water and diluted.
4. After vaccination, the CHLOR BLOCK is added to the water which is going to drink by animals in 1-2 hours.
It is launched in 20 g aluminum chassis packages.