For horses that ingest sand

SandFix powder Psyllium husks are used as a support for horses at risk of, or with sand colic.

Diarrhoea, weight loss and abdominal distress are signs a horse has been eating sand. If your horse shows these signs consult your veterinary surgeon. Left untreated intestinal sand can lead to impaction Pysllium husk has been shown to help support the removal of sand from the intestine. Psyllium is a natural soluble fibre derived from the husks of a seed grain. It absorbs liquid in the intestines and swells to support the prevention and removal of compactions caused by ingested sand and foreign matter. Can be given to horses of all ages including young foals.

Feeding Instructions


1 heaped scoop 50g Feed 100g daily mixed with fodder for 7 days every 4 weeks for maintenance or as directed by your Veterinary Advisor.

On veterinary recommendation in the presence of compaction

Feed 100g daily of SandFix powder mixed with fodder. Mixed into the feed every day for 21 days or as directed by your Veterinary Advisor.


Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available.