Natural respiratory support for calves

A natural support to maintaining a healthy respiratory system in calves and young cattle. A combination of antioxidants herbs and natural oils to support the respiratory and immune system of calves and weanlings. An appetite stimulant is added to encourage feed intake. Poor feed intake in weaned animals is a major cause of stress.



One of the biggest killers of weanling and dairy calves is without doubt respiratory infections and more specifically pneumonia. Like the common cold we suffer from, pneumonia infection is common in the calves environment. For the most part the calf is able to deal with it using it’s own natural defence mechanisms. When the calf becomes stressed its immunity is reduced. This allows bugs to multiply and infections can occur. Support your calf naturally with Respiron.



• Used in herbal medicine for centuries

• Associated with the immune system – particularly against viral infections

• Supporting production of white blood cells

• Natural anti-inflammatory


Vitamin C

• Anti-oxidant

• Involved in tissue repair

• Natural anti-histamine

• Respiron Herbal Blend

• Supports the production and function of immunoglobulins

• Supports the animals ability to fight respiratory infection by helping the efficient function of naturally occurring immunoglobulin

• Supports response to antibiotics where used


Feeding Instructions


Feed 15g per calf (half scoop), 333 feeds per bucket. *Mix with feed


Feed 30g per weanling per 250 – 350kg per day, (1 heaped scoop), 166 feeds per bucket. *Mix with feed


Ideally feed

• After taking home from sales feed for 7 days

• At weaning for 7 days

• At housing for 7 days

• 3 days prior to risk periods

• At the first sign of respiratory problems for an initial period of 7 days. Continue if necessary.

• In support of veterinary treatment