Povifoam 200ml

In every 1000 ml; Name of the Active Ingredient Amount
Povidone Iodine %2 (w/w)
Phosphoric Acid %9 (w/w)
Isopropyl Alcohol %15 (w/w)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate %7 (w/w)
Glycerin %7 (w/w)

PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTY POVIFOAM causes to die all Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria, fungal, and spores including the viruses by transforming the protein and enzyme structures to oxidant disulfide and disrupts the functions due to active iodine which is contained. It has a long-lasting effect because of the phosphoric acid which includes. It affects the microorganism population for 6-8 hours when applied to the skin. Iodine stays longer in the area because of the foam form of the product.
APPLICATION AREA/INDICATIONS POVIFOAM is used for teat disinfection, hand, and feet antisepsis, skin, and mucosal lesions. POVIFOAM SPRAY is used for the alum lesions in the intraoral mucosal, wounds in hands and teat, ecthyma in the mouth area. It is used as intrauterine in uterus mucosa and it is used in fungal infections. USAGE AND DOSAGE
• It is used for teat disinfectant without making any dilution and by making foam. It protects the teat against
• mastitis.
• Teats are dipped into the dipping cup and wait for 3-5 seconds and then dry with the disposable paper
• tissue.
• The foamy iodine has a high cleaning power. It provides removing the organic residuals which are
• gummed to the teat. In this way, prevents the contamination the microorganism to the milk.
• It strengthens the teat by providing the teat are elastic and soft with the dermatologic combination which includes. It increases milking performance.
• It is used for providing antisepsis the skin and mucosa when after and before the operation.
• It is used for protecting and antisepsis the navel-cord in newborns.
• Spray the foam by covering the wounded area for 3-4 times a day until the recovery for mucosal lesions and wounds caused by bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.
• It provides removing the organic dirt by spraying the POVIFOAM to the lesion area after emptied the apse.
It is launched in 100 mL, 250 mL, 1 lt, 5 lt, 20 lt packages.