Each ml contains- Neomycin sulphate 50mg; Sulphadimidine sod. 50mg; Kaolin 25mg; Pectin 6mg; Vit. B1 0.5 mg; Vit. B2 0.25mg; Vit. PP 10mg

Monstop is recommended for diarrhea and gastro- enteritis caused by all types of bacteria. The fortifying vitamins assist in quick recovery of the damaged mucosa, and also supplement the critical loss immediately. Astringents tend to soothe the damaged GIT and relieve pain.

Recommended Usage:
Lambs & Kids- 2ml Monstop per 10 kg bw, twice daily for 3-5 days Calves- 4 ml Monstop per 4.5 kg bw, twice daily for 3-5 days

Withdrawal Time:
Meat- 5 days

200 ml (For export only)