Blood Aid

Supports maximum availability of Iron and B vitamins to the high performance Horses

Blood Aid is a source of concentrated Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. In order to aid optimum metabolism in performance horses.It also contains sorbitol, which supports the enhanced serum concentrations that result from the oral administration of Vitamin B12. Competition horses have being shown to have higher dietary requirements. The concentrated nutrients found in Blood Aid are needed for red blood cell formation and important metabolic functions relating to exercise.

Contains Iron MAAC to ensure a high level of bioavailability. Iron Metalosates are metal amino acid chelates. Iron in this form is better protected against adverse interactions in the gut and more available to the horse and pony. Much of the iron found in soil and herbage is oxidised and unavailable to the animal. High intakes of manganese will also block iron absorption.

Members of the vitamin B complex, are not stored in the tissues in appreciable amounts and a regular exogenous supply is essential. B complex vitamins play an important role in preventing anaemia and promoting good digestive activity.


Feeding Instructions

Racing Competition Adult Horses: 50ml per day

Maintenance & Ponies: 30ml per day

Use either in feed or syringe by mouth. Additional amounts should be fed only on veterinary advice and may be useful when recovering from viral anaemia.