Name of the Active Ingredient Amount
2-Phenylphenol %22 (w/w)
Stabilizator %78 (w/w)
It is suitable for use in
• In hatcheries, in incubators, in egg stores,
• In slaughterhouses and in cold storage depot,
• In animal feeding stuff factories and stores,
• In food processing establishment and stores,
• In flour plants and in stock stores,
• In vegetable, food, and product stores,
• In milk and milk products processing factories and stores
• In microbial load control in greenhouse,
• In stores and warehouse such as dry figs stores, dried grape stores, tobacco stores,
• In cold storage depot,
• In poultry houses, barns
Dosage: According to making or not making a rough cleaning to the environment;
20 g 25 – 50 m3
100 g 125 – 250 m3
250 g 300 – 600 m3
500 g 600 – 1200 m3
1000 g 1250 – 2500 m3
• OPP gas is produced by slow fumigation.
• It spreads homogeneously in the closed areas.
• Its efficiency occurs after 4 hours of application; because of that, it has a long time to eliminate all the harmful microorganism.
• It is the most efficient method in air sterilization because of the effect mechanism and formation principle.
• Fumigation provides the active materials is spread perfectly in the indoor environment.
• There is no need for human interference during the application. In this way, the user does not in contact with the active material which is spread.