ACTIFOR® is the phytogenic solution for improved feed efficiency in ruminants. With  ACTIFOR® you trust in a highly innovative and natural product range. Besides the main benefits of the product line – an increase in performance, reduction of feed costs (PERFORMIZER® concept), and a remarkable ROI – ACTIFOR® BOOST also improves body score and milk quality while reducing environmental emissions in livestock production.

Poor feed efficiency due to multiple energy and protein losses is one of the biggest challenges in ruminant production. In dairy cows less than one third of protein and energy intake is transformed into milk, and in beef cattle even less than one tenth into meat.

The ACTIFOR® product line for ruminants has been developed to improve efficiency, performance and health likewise, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Moreover, our phytogenic feed additives ensure a safe, effective and sustainable production without leaving residues in meat or milk.


Boosting feed efficiency and profitability in dairy cows, beef cattle and small ruminants

The ACTIFOR® product range solely contains natural substances like essential oils, saponins and pungent substances among others. Highly active components are carefully selected, hence being optimally aligned to the needs of ruminants.

This leads to the holistic benefits achieved by ACTIFOR® BOOST. The phytogenic product e.g. reduces ammonia and methane emissions, increases fiber degradation and improves protein digestibility and absorption.


Product benefits

• Increases performance, decreases feed costs

• by improving energy and protein efficiency

• Improves fertility and somatic cell count

• by supporting the immune system

• Maintains metabolic balances and prevents acidosis

• Reduces environmental emissions (decreases ammonia and methane)


Product application

ACTIFOR® BOOST can be applied “on-top” in the feed ration without changing the diet. Alternatively, all ACTIFOR® products can be applied according to our PERFORMIZER® concept, using nutritional matrix values to reduce feed costs by optimizing the total mixed ration.


General dosage recommendation:

• 5-6 g/day in dairy cows depending on milk yield

• 2-6 g/day in beef cattle depending on weight

• 1 g/day in ewes and goats

• 0.8-1 g/day in lambs