We established Fiber Fresh in 1984 in the belief that we could make a difference to the health and performance of animals. The idea was simple: Produce high quality forage feeds that truly fulfil the nutritional needs of animals.

Using innovative research and development techniques, along with recognising the power and brilliance of nature, we developed scientifically
proven, natural products with unrivalled levels of nutrients and energy that provide animals with everything they need nutritionally.

33 years on, our commitment to tirelessly researching and developing our products, remains at the core of our family-owned business. By continuously Optimising Nature’s Brilliance, we have created world-first, market leading formulas, using a proprietary process which makes the most of our natural ingredients.

Our process, which incorporates the protein-rich plant Lucerne, is at the centre of the Fiber Fresh story. Our founding director, Michael Bell, has been at the forefront of this pioneering journey,
striving to maximise nutritional gains whilst unlocking medicinal and preventative benefits.

We are passionate about our customers and their animal’s wellbeing. We take great pleasure in seeing our farmers rearing productive animals and our equine clients enjoying peak health and performance.

Although we have progressed into a globally recognised, market leading brand, we are still a family business guided by family values. We treasure the environment and
are proud of our sustainable practices.

We have developed a wonderful range of products that promote health, development and performance that we believe are the best you can give your animals. And we are proud and humbled to do
this by simply Optimising Nature’s Brilliance.